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Welcome to Sunshine Group, a digital marketing and eCommerce holding company
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Sunshine Group
is an international company
Sunshine Group is an international company that is focused on helping its clients reach their business goals through the highly effective channel of online marketing. We have offices in Russia, the UK and UAE, and operate worldwide offering professional website design and promotion.
200 000+
10 years
on the market
Our projects
We create and manage projects with tens of thousands of clients globally:
All-in-one Wordpress
Solution for AliExpress
Dropshipping Business
Global Digital Marketing
Agency delivering
high-perfomance and
cost-effective solutions
for your business
Powerful WordPress plugin
that allows building
AliExpress affiliate sites
#1 WordPress plugin for
auto-running and
auto-promoting your
websites on most popular
social networks

We operate

Starting from Omsk, Russia in 2010,
Sunshine Group now has its offices in
different parts of the globe. Our employees
are located in 20+ countries, and our branches
are registered in such vibrant places as
London, UK; Dubai, UAE.

Our team

The team is our most valuable asset – it is one of our basic principles. We believe that keeping our work environment healthy and positive is a key factor of the company's success

Our partners