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From the very foundation of the Company in 2010, we've been believing that people across the globe should enjoy equal opportunities of running a business. The Internet has facilitated this task a lot, and our own solutions have been making the issues of a business launch and management even easier.

It is our mission to grant all the people of the world equal opportunities for running an online business – regardless of their place of residence, whether it be a megapolis center or a small African village.

We ourselves have come a long way since the starting point – from a tiny firm consisting of just two co-founders – Ilya Dolgikh and Yaros Nevsky – to a global company providing cutting-edge services for tens of thousands of clients across 100+countries.

Help us make
the world
a better place

We believe that our solutions give thousands of people all over the world a unique opportunity to start their own online businesses and change their lives for the better. And we are always looking for passionate team-mates who will be able to help us in this mission.
All we are is our ideas, or people. That’s what keeps us going to work in the morning, to hang around these great bright people. I’ve always thought that recruiting is the heart and soul of what we do.
Steve Jobs, May 30, 2007

Our values

Trust We believe in people, their talents and potential. We give our employees the freedom to make their own decisions, the chance to assume a responsibility. We are convinced that every person is able to achieve remarkable results with enough practice and desire.
Unity We appreciate responsiveness, mutual assistance, friendly environment, the ability to combine one’s purposes with the purposes of other people. The team's unity is our key to success.
Open attitude We discuss every issue openly, share knowledge and experience. We value every opinion and are always ready to listen and understand.
Ongoing improvement We seek perfection in every sphere. Perform today better than yesterday. Constantly develop owing to helpful feedback and other people’s knowledge. We want only the best methods and practices. And it is vital for us to get rave reviews on our work.
Initiative We welcome energy and initiative that make it possible to solve complex problems, to overcome the fear of the unknown and to always move forward. We find it extremely important to get pleasure from one’s work. Affection for work makes our lives full and balanced, and combined with enthusiasm it lets us move mountains.

We appreciate

Quality and timely fulfillment of one’s duties; the ability to make decisions and be accountable for them; the power to admit one’s mistakes without letting them repeat; the capacity to realize the consequences of one’s decisions.
Creative potential
The talent to think out of the box, to experiment, to find unobvious solutions. The interest and open attitude to new ideas, methods and approaches. The gift for quick understanding of the new knowledge and for putting it to use.
Team spirit
Mutual support and assistance, willingness to help others in their tasks solution, intention to achieve the set goals together, skill of sharing one’s opinion, the ability to help other people feel their strength and significance.
Client orientation
Responsiveness, ability to define a client’s basic needs and priorities, to concentrate on satisfying their most important requirements, to produce the results that exceed clients’ expectations, to focus on details.

If you join our company you will:

  • We are accustomed to polite and friendly communication in the form of requests, suggestions, recommendations and tips.
  • We appreciate response and effectiveness. The managerial staff trusts all the employees, is always open to dialogue and ready to help or advise. The chiefs welcome interesting and constructive offers and provide support in their realization.
  • Make every effort to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Rejoice at positive customer reviews.
  • Look for the new opportunities and tools ensuring a higher efficiency of one’s work and of the company on the whole.
  • Official registration in accordance with the Labor Code.
  • Timely wage payments twice a month.
  • Wage indexation corresponding to the inflation level.
  • Sick-lists and vacations pays.
  • Fast career and wage increase by the growth of experience and effectiveness.
  • Bonus payments for the achieved results.
  • Information on the company’s operation, on its short- and long-term plans.
Benefit from our flexible work schedule: you can decide when you start and end your working day in compliance with your own, your colleagues’ and the company’s interests.
  • Work with the team of true professionals.
  • Get interesting and sometimes experimental tasks.
  • Face challenges aiming at growing your skills, career and the whole company.
  • Enjoy courses and trainings in your professional area.
  • Attend free English lessons twice a week.
  • Our modern offices in the very center of the city, at ‘Millenium’ trade center, offer such facilities as a kitchen, dining and rest zones, a shower and even an Xbox.
  • The kitchen is equipped with a coffee machine, a fridge and microwave ovens. Here you can always make a cup of delicious tea or coffee and enjoy treats like cookies, sweets, fruit and milk.
  • Work sites are provided with all the necessary modern equipment and comfortable office chairs.
  • At your desire, you can take part in informal parties in the office or a restaurant, or take your family to an out-of-town corporative trip.
  • In our company you will meet lots of young specialists who are only at the beginning of their careers, as well as quite experienced ones who have already deserved the right to be called gurus in their professional areas. We are a close-knit team including people of different ages, interests and values – and we match perfectly. More importantly, we are all aimed at the highest possible results, at being the best.