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From the very foundation of the Company in 2010, we've been believing that people across the globe should enjoy equal opportunities of running a business. The Internet has facilitated this task a lot, and our own solutions have been making the issues of a business launch and management even easier.
All roles across all location and all teams.
Irvine, California
Irvine, California
Polina Beletskaya
Marketing Director
I've been working here since 2012 and was fortunate to see how Sunshine Group made its way from a small agency to a holding company with a multi-million annual turnover. Starting as an internet marketer, now I'm the head of a whole superstar marketing department. The democratic style of management and super-friendly working environment, as well as constant growth in profession (and earnings), make this job my choice of a lifetime.
Olga Lavrinovich
Copywriting Director
What excites me most of all in being the part of AliDropship team is the opportunity to actually change our clients’ lives for the better. I am proud to belong to this group of incredibly talented people who believe in equal opportunities for everyone and outdo themselves every day to make it possible.
Diana Chaplak
Senior Internet Marketing Specialist
No day is the same, and there's always an opportunity to unlock your potential and develop new skills to become a great specialist in your field. I'm happy to manage my team that's always so enthusiastic about the things we do. Glad to be appreciated.
Vitaly Kukin
Head of Software Development Department
Every day is a new challenge for our Sunshine team. It gives me the opportunity to make the most of my skills, and enjoy the job that has actually become my hobby.
Vladimir Matis
Tech Support Manager
Sunshine Group gave me not only financial stability and work with interesting people, but also a team where everybody treats each other as a family member.
Ludmila Dannik
Internet Marketing Assistant
It is not an exaggeration to say that I love my job & I enjoy what I’m doing here. I feel that I achieve my full potential & learn something new every day. I’m happy to work beside my colleagues - smart, competent & witty. All-in-all, this company has a great vision and is constantly looking to innovate and move in the right direction.
Anna Vegelina
Internet Marketing Specialist
I've always dreamed of fullfiling my true potential at work. Sunshine Group gave me this opportunity and encouraged to build my skills. I work among the most talented people truly devoted to their work. Every day we do and learn something truly important for the world. Very glad to be part of this team!
Trai Aleksei
Senior Software engineer
I remember Sunshine Group as a tiny startup with only a couple of people. I had to leave the company for several years, but as soon as I got the opportunity to return, I did it with no second thoughts. Three years have passed, and the company’s growth rate has never slowed down allowing each of the employees to constantly improve their professional level and climb the career ladder as well as increase their income. You can feel a family spirit within the team. Together, we spend a lot of time outside the office, unite thanks to our common interests, attend various places of entertainment and special events, and even go on trips.